The jewelry world is full of legends, fictions and contradictions. On one hand they are generated by some companies with a desire to embellish their goods and make them look rarer and more expensive. On the other hand it is down to the banal laziness when checking the information without exploring the subject deeper. As a result, the less informed person may have an erroneous opinion about a product or company that might lead to financial losses and disappointments. The purpose of MARGORAFFAELLI.COM is to provide easy-to-understand, verified, and up-to-date information that will become the basis for forming your own opinion about the jewelry world, and to teach you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In September 2014, our resources were no different from many others; we published news and tried to keep up with any form of communication. But the visit to La Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris was a turning point. The opportunity to see the finest jewelry collections first-hand, to get acquainted with the industry experts, and to discuss novelties with these very idols was tempting. In addition, it's no secret that in reality most of the expensive works are very different from the edited pictures in magazines. Making a personal acquaintance with the items allowed us to really appreciate their advantages and notice points of weakness. This is our strength and privilege. Since that moment the MARGORAFFAELLI team made over one hundred shootings in the USA, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey and Russia, and wrote dozens of reports from exhibitions in Basel, Las Vegas and London, as well as the annual Haute Couture Week in Paris.

In the jewelry industry there should be a clear distinction between exclusive jewelry pieces, budgetary works and bijouterie. We have chosen the most classified and elite niche to work in, which is not only an honor, but also a great responsibility: every single piece of jewelry should be carefully checked in the flesh before being mentioned on the pages of MARGORAFFAELLI.COM. Today our resources and social media channels reach over half a million people per week. This is a huge figure, which you help to form. The feedback — through comments and private messages — allow the expert team to analyze the content, improve it, and publish the best and most interesting things we see. What’s more, our cooperation with the largest gemological labs and leading jewelry companies gives you an opportunity to professionally find the answer to any questions related to the jewelry world.