— Titanium


— 8.60 cts and 8.94 cts conch pearls;
— 25.03 cts and 25.47 cts clam pearls;
— diamonds weighing in total 22.06 cts


For centuries, the orchid flower has been a symbol of love and romance, family happiness and prosperity. The ancient Greeks believed that this plant gave courage to men, and protected women when they were giving birth to a child. In many countries, it is still a tradition to give bouquets of orchids or jewelry with their motifs as a declaration of love or a wish for happiness in family life.

This one-of-a-kind pair of earrings in the form of orchids from the Californian brand ARUNASHI is great, not only aesthetically and technically, but also in its gemological content. The jeweler decorated the central part of flowers with oval uniformly colored non-nacreus conch pearls, and as pendants he chose their close relative, known as a clam pearl, which is also found in univalves and very infrequently used in jewelry because of its natural rarity. Both the conch and clam are considered to be collectable materials and are very popular among industry experts.

Thanks to a thoughtful clasp, the earrings fit perfectly on any earlobe and do not cause discomfort throughout the day. A truly luxurious gift for both someone beloved as well as to treat yourself!

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